Freestyle UFS Frames

The freestyle frames are finally available this year

You can order the frames by visiting the Solo Inline online shop:

During the past years I worked on a new design to improve the design of the freestyle frames. I never sold the freestyle frames until now. Version 1 was more of a prototype. Version 2 had alignment issues. This is version 3, more lightweight but still with plenty of thickness where needed.

It takes an hour and half of hard work to make one pair. It includes working under loud noise, wearing a respirator during the whole process, using power tools and using industrial resins. They cost a fair amount of materials including high grade hardened stainless steel. All this is not incuding the ammortization of thousands hours of research and development, ammortization of specialized equipments and shop space to produce them. This year might be the most expensive version of this frame but it's the year you can finally buy this very exclusive product. Only 9 pairs have been made so far.

Freestyle UFS frames front

Freestyle UFS frames angle

This year I am collaborating with a local shop to relieve myself from the fulfillment task. They are the ones handling the orders and shipping. It allows me to focus on the design and production.