How something is made is sometimes more important than the thing that is made.

Reasons to make, reasons to buy

What if a product that is supposed to bring joy in this world is destroying pleasure somewhere else? Wouldn’t that cancel out why that product should be made in the first place?

We think deeply about the impact creating our products can have on its environment. It means we will push ourselves by applying the simple principles of reducing, reusing, recycling & repairing.

It starts with you, we want you to buy a product that you will use. Think deeply about how often you will use this product.

We care a lot about how something is made and we want to be as transparent as possible regarding it. We won’t be the cheapest product around if we can’t do it humanly or environmentally.

How is a never ending process.

Sharing how it's made

We think some people might enjoy learning how we make our products. To us, it’s important that people feel educated and empowered. We want to break the current model where the consumer feel powerless. If we can motivate only one person to start building things, we will have achieved our goal.