Rollance - New home, new site and a recap on last year

Last year was one of the busiest and craziest years I lived so far.

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Last year was one of the busiest and craziest years I lived so far. I lost somebody dear to me, my brother-in-law, Marc. Then the COVID-19 crisis happened.

I still progressed on the products and the tools for the company but it got put aside when the COVID-19 crisis started. Rollance is a project I care a lot about but when a crisis as important as this one happen I stepped up and switched my focus to help the on the pandemic. It means I unfortunately did not work on the next generation molds as I stated in the preorders on the product page for the freestyle blades.

Progress has been made on the project. I bought a new 3D printer but didn’t find the time yet to assemble it. I bought a Creality Ender 5 Plus. I hope for the best because I struggled a lot with the past printer. What you guys need to know is that the frames I’m making are outside of the standard sizes for 3D printers. I heavily customized a Prusa i3 but it never worked well and consumed a lot of my time. It’s been more than 5 years now so I hope that a modern 3D printer will help me move faster and with less hiccups.

I started using and learned to use an enterprise resource planning software, ERPNext. I chose this software because it looked complete enough to manage my most important needs but it was also open source. It’s a very generic software to manage the most fundamental needs any company needs to manage. Like inventory, products, clients. It’s not something a client like yourself will benefit on a short term but it will help the company to have the right tool to shape its structure and scale with less pains if it eventually scales.

I am moving to a new home. This is exciting! But it is going to be time consuming for the next couple weeks. I don’t have the time to manage gracefully my full-time work, moving to a new home, doing volunteer work for the C19 Coalition and at the same time letting the Rollance store open for orders. I will temporarily close the store and open it back as soon as possible.

If you are curious to have more details on my last year you can read my interview I’ve done for the C19 Coalition:

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Aaron Matchullis February 18, 2021

Hell of a busy year! Wishing the best. Stoked to purchased your product when it’s read 🙏🏼

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